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The Arkansas State Consultant for Brain Injury is here to provide referral information to families of children with learning problems due to head injury, as well as technical assistance to schools regarding educational services.​

Services may include helping schools identify students who have an educational disability due to a head injury. They may also include helping parents and other family members recognize that the child's learning difficulty may be due to an educational disability subsequent to a head injury.

Services may consist of telephone consultation, review of medical and school records, and on-site visits to schools if needed.


Services may be accessed by a CIRCUIT referral.


Referrals may be made by local education area supervisors, medical personnel, school district administrators, or parents of children who have received an acquired or traumatic brain injury.



Children who have a head injury that is called "brain injury" or a "traumatic brain injury" may be elibible for services through their school or preschool. This injury may have been due to a concussion, skull fracture, sport or motor vehicle accident, or other closed head injury.


Children who have what is called an "acquired brain injury" through blood clots, strokes, infection, aneurysms, tumors or other medical conditions may also need services.


The Brain Injury Association of America and the Arkansas Department of Education are here to provide referral for education and therapy to these children.


My goal is to provide effective solutions designed to share information and ameliorate school and social difficulties resulting from brain injury.

I do my best to offer solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your child or student.

-Amy Goddard,

Brain Injury Specialist

“My child has just been expelled from school... since his injury he is so different.”


"The doctor said she would be fine, so why is she suddenly failing in school?"


"Why does John sleep in my class? Since he got out of the hospital he can't stay awake."


"All she wants is sweets and caffeine. She says everything tastes funny."


"One more fight on school grounds and your son will be suspended."

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